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Getting married in south Florida and looking for a wedding photographer? Well, look no more. Fort Lauderdale based wedding and portrait photographer Deivis Archbold will document your day in one of the most amazing and beautiful ways possible. Deivis and Team will work with you and your family to ensure you get those epic images that tell the story of you. 

One thing is for certain, ask any of your friends who have been married and one thing is for sure! they most wish they had spent more money on their wedding photographer. Its simple, Once all the food and flowers are gone, the only thing to remember your big day will be your wedding photography!


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ENGAGEMENT pictures matter

We have heard it all. I have a “friend.” We are sure you do. I mean, we all have friends don’t we? If they were really a friend they would encourage you not to jack around having them photograph your engagement session. Why? Because this is the perfect time to get comfortable and in sync with your wedding photographer. You know, the actual person who will be there on your wedding day and has to learn all your crazy ticks. 🙂

Here is why engagement pictures should be important to you. First, allows you to learn how to work with your photographer and just as importantly, as the photographer, how to work with you. What you like, what you don’t like, etc. Secondly, it gives you diversity with the imagery in your home. You don’t want every picture to be of you in your dress and tuxedo or shot at the same time of year.

Engagement pictures will give you the diversity in art you are looking for in your home.


Love what you see? Our wedding collections start at $3999. If we are within your budget, we would love to sit with you to talk about creating something unique and amazing for you on your wedding day. Contact us today to schedule a meeting to talk all about your wedding day.

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