High School Sweethearts: Chanisha and Steven’s Engagement Session in Coral Springs

High School Sweethearts: Chanisha and Steven’s Engagement Session in Coral Springs



Meet Chanisha and Steven, the captivating couple who completely stole our hearts during their engagement session in Coral Springs. Their love story ignited in high school, where they first crossed paths and instantly forged a deep friendship. As their senior year unfolded, their connection blossomed into a beautiful romance. Fast forward to today, and they proudly stand as an engaged couple.

When we asked Chanisha what made her know that Steven was the one, she didn’t hesitate to mention his loving and caring nature. It was the way he carried himself and how he always made sure she was okay that made her realize he was the perfect match. As for Steven, he adores Chanisha’s mesmerizing big eyes and how they illuminate with joy. Together, they are a match made in heaven, sharing a love that’s truly special.

The proposal took Chanisha completely by surprise. Little did she know, Steven had purchased the ring months in advance and had already informed their loved ones. Just days before her birthday, he blindfolded Chanisha and led her to what turned out to be her own engagement party. Overwhelmed with emotions, she was thrilled to say yes and marry her best friend. The memorable Coral Springs engagement session had been the perfect cover for Steven’s romantic plan.

During their engagement session, we had the pleasure of seeing their silly and quirky side. Chanisha loves when Steven dances, even though he has no rhythm. It’s these little moments that make their love story so special, and we feel honored to have captured their love in a way that reflects their unique personalities and style.

Thank you, Chanisha and Steven, for letting us be a part of your love story. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both!

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