Nicole and Ian’s Love Story: From Long-Distance to Forever – Club Of Knights Miami

Nicole and Ian’s Love Story: From Long-Distance to Forever – Club Of Knights Miami



From Long Distance to Forever

As their wedding photography in Miami we realized that, love stories come in all shapes and sizes, and Nicole and Ian’s story is no exception.Their love journey started at a nightclub in New Jersey when Nicole was just 18 years old and Ian was 21. They remained friends, but they each had their own separate lives, dating other people on and off, and with Ian living in Florida for school.

It wasn’t until 2015, when they were both back in New Jersey, that Ian kept asking Nicole out on a date. At the time, Nicole had just had LASIK surgery and was still recovering. Plus, she had already planned to move to Florida in August, so she wasn’t looking for anything serious. They had a lot of fun together, which led to them continuing to date casually. Eventually, Ian decided to follow her down to Florida, and they were in a long-distance relationship for about six months until Ian found a job down there. They’ve been together ever since.

The Most Expected Moment

Fast forward to the proposal, and Ian had the ring eight months before the big moment. Due to all the COVID-19 restrictions in New York City, he didn’t know where to propose. Until he found the perfect location – a grass clearing under the Brooklyn Bridge with stunning views of Manhattan. Nicole was shocked and overjoyed when Ian got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. They celebrated their engagement with both of their families the next day on Thanksgiving.

One of the things that Nicole loves most about Ian is that she can be her crazy, quirky, weird self with him, and he will never judge her or stop loving her for who she is. Ian, on the other hand, admires Nicole’s ability to accomplish her goals, no matter what they are. Whether it’s a career change or hitting the gym, Nicole dives in and gets it done. And as their Wedding photography in Miami it was an honor to capture every single detail.

The Wedding Photography in Miami

Their wedding day was nothing short of amazing, held at the Club of Knights in Miami. With a fantastic vendor list that included Nery’s Flowers, Glamorous Looks Studio, Vision DJs, Blue by Enzoani, and Brides of Florida, among others, it was a day to remember. The couple was also excited about the coffee cart from Café Ala Carte, the furniture rental from Miami Party Rental Décor, and the violinist from Master Musicians Inc.

When asked about what they were most looking forward to on their wedding day, Nicole was excited about spending time with friends and family that she doesn’t get to see as often as she would like. While, Ian was looking forward to getting the family together and seeing how a completely different group of friends would interact.

Nicole and Ian’s love story is proof that true love can withstand the test of time and distance. From their chance meeting at a nightclub in New Jersey to their engagement in Brooklyn and their wedding day in Miami, they have built a solid foundation of love, trust, and support that will last a lifetime. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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