3 Tips Every Bride Should Know!

3 Tips Every Bride Should Know!



Months of planning a dream wedding culminate in one day that, for many brides, passes with the blink of an eye. Between taking the time to speak with every guest and trying to revel in the moment, all of that careful planning tends to fall by the wayside.


This whirlwind often means that months later, once the dust has settled, brides find that many of the photos they had their hearts set on capturing simply didn’t happen. Aside from hiring an experienced and reputable photographer, here are 3 tips every bride should know to make sure her wedding day is captured spectacularly.


  1. Establish a mood for the day


This tip sounds simpler than it actually is. Brides have to think about the way they want their day to feel to posterity when looking through wedding photos, and this often reflects the couple’s style. Choosing a mood also helps indicate to photographers how photos should be edited.


Things like color palette, floral choice, and theme all play into the overall aesthetic of a wedding day. The best way for brides to make sure they’re accurately conveying their desired mood to vendors is through an inspiration board they can send to their photographer, florist, or wedding planner.


  1. Write a detailed schedule


Even organized brides are bound to find themselves frazzled on their wedding days. For those who want detailed shots of things like rings and invitations, photos of the bridal party getting ready, or a first look, a schedule is crucial for keeping the day on track pre-ceremony.


A good schedule will also help brides carve out time for a one-on-one photo session with their husbands during the day’s best lighting, which arrives not long before sunset. It may feel unnecessary to step away during the reception, but beautifully lit photos of the happy newlyweds are something brides cherish for years to come, and a detailed schedule helps ensure that they happen.



  1. Choose high quality vendors


Though the photographer is obviously the key player in capturing the wedding day, there are plenty of other vendors that influence the quality of wedding photos aside from them. Brides should take care to choose vendors who are experienced working within their theme or aesthetic.


Florists, wedding planners, and even caterers have a hand in the way that a wedding day looks and feels; if brides take the time to pick vendors whose look falls in line with their vision, they’re sure to be happier with their photos because they’ll be happier with the aesthetics of their wedding.


Of course, the most important factor a bride should be aware of to ensure she winds up with the wedding photos of her dreams is finding a photographer whose style and outlook resonate with her. The role a good wedding photographer plays can’t be overstated, they’re a bride’s most important ally for capturing the pivotal moments.


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